Boys Varsity Golf · Boys Golf Hopes to have “Hole in One” Type Season – John Russett |

As spring approaches, the golf team will be getting going right after Spring Break. A young team with a lot of potential to make a good run this season. With three juniors, River Goodmanson, Nate Persson and John Russett leading the way. Complemented by two sophomores, Joe Carothers and Walter Ylitalo. With a strong friendship inside and outside of golf, the five look to make the first team state participation since 2015. Last year, our very own River Goodmanson played well enough to make it as an individual, and has high hopes that we an make it altogether this year. With a few of the other schools in the conference losing seniors, our chances of taking the conference title have risen, and we just have to take the opportunity. With that said, I was able to catch Joe Carothers to see what he is looking forward to this season…

When asked what he is looking forward to most this season, Joe Carothers responded with “ I am looking forward to hanging out with the boys, and having a good chance at winning sections and conference.”

After hearing about how he enjoys his time with the boys, I then asked “ What is your favorite part about playing with the boys?” He responded with “ Just being out there and having fun. Laughing, playing games and making jokes.”

Following the previous unsuccessful years to make it to state, Carothers says “ If we all play to our potential, I think we have a good chance to make a state appearance.”

Since Carothers has been on the team now for what will be his third year, I thought I would ask him who his mentors have been, and he said “ Probably the seniors, and the older kids that just set up everything in a fun mood, and make me want to be there.”

 John Russett March 12, 2018